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   After all the calls came out, the dream of riding a horse on the grassland on the campus finally had a chance to come true. On the afternoon of September 23, the pilot of the "Little Knights Entering Campus" equestrian public class was officially launched at the Evergreen Experimental School. It is reported that this is the first time in the country that the equestrian event of a public welfare nature has entered the campus.

在所有电话都响了之后,在校园的草原上骑马的梦想终于得以实现。 9月23日下午,“小骑士进校园”马术公开课的飞行员在长青实验学校正式启动。据悉,这是该国首次举办具有公益性质的马术比赛。

The organizer of the event was the relevant leaders of Wuhan Education Bureau, Wuhan Sports Bureau, Wuhan Radio and Television (Group), Hubei Equestrian Association, Wuhan Equestrian Association, Wuhan Business School International Equestrian School, Dongxihu District Culture and Sports Bureau, the central and provincial, Local media representatives at all levels in the city, as well as the principals of 26 pilot schools of the "Little Knights on Campus" equestrian open class attended the launching ceremony and watched the first lesson of the open equestrian class on the spot.


   It is understood that the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government has decided to carry out equestrian sports education in primary and secondary schools in the city, enrich school sports activities, actively promote the safe, orderly and extensive development of equestrian education, and improve the overall quality of students. The Wuhan Municipal Education Bureau, Wuhan Municipal Sports Bureau, and Wuhan Radio and Television Station (Group) jointly issued a document to carry out the pilot work of "Little Knights Entering Campus" equestrian public classes in some primary and secondary schools in Wuhan. To fifth grade students.


According to reports, the contents and forms of the pilot equestrian open class include: carrying out equestrian teaching, compiling standard textbooks and video courseware for the "Wuhan Youth Equestrian Course"; pilot schools provide equestrian open class venues based on the school playground; pilot schools can apply for special equestrian schools .


   Open class mainly adopts the teaching mode of the combination of "theoretical learning + live observation demonstration + close contact" and "deep experience" outside the school.


  The organization of the event takes safety as the primary consideration to ensure that the entire event is carried out in a professional and safe environment. It is understood that the pilot school should conduct safety education for all students participating in the open equestrian class, and the event executive will purchase accidental injury insurance for the students participating in the open equestrian class outside the school.


According to reports, the pilot of "Little Knights Entering Campus" equestrian open class is to cultivate students' interest in equestrianism, stimulate students' enthusiasm for participating in equestrian sports, master the basic skills and methods of equestrian sports, and achieve quality education through all aspects. The purpose of the campus. Through open equestrian classes, we will explore innovative models for popularizing equestrian sports in schools and new mechanisms for innovative campus interest courses, form high-level youth equestrian sports teams, and cultivate a number of characteristic schools and training bases that actively participate in equestrian sports.


   At 2:05 in the afternoon, six horses lined up on the school playground. More than 500 teachers and students of Evergreen Experimental School boiled and cheered. Afterwards, student representatives from the Evergreen Experimental School, students from the International Equestrian School of Wuhan Business School and the little knights lined up into the playground to perform wonderfully. During the performance, the shouts of the teachers and students resounded throughout the equestrian show. The reporter saw at the scene that the students were very excited and could not help exclaiming from time to time. Many children had bright smiles on their faces.


   After the performance, the leaders of Wuhan Municipal Education Bureau awarded the plaque of "Wuhan City's'Little Knights Entering Campus' Equestrian Open Course Pilot School" to the principal of Changqingshu Experimental School.


   Subsequently, the relevant leaders of the event organizer jointly pressed the pivot key which marked the official launch of the "Little Knights Entering Campus" equestrian open class pilot.


   After the kick-off ceremony, the long-awaited first "Little Knight Enters Campus" equestrian public class officially began. First of all, the host of the Children's Channel of Wuhan Radio and Television Station and the lecturer of the International Equestrian School of Wuhan Business School gave the students a detailed introduction to horses. In the ensuing questioning session, the students made no secret of their love for horses and raised their hands to answer. There were also many lucky students at the scene, who were called on stage to answer questions, and they were also "zero distance" close to the horses by feeding them carrots. ...

揭幕仪式后,人们期待已久的第一届“小骑士进入校园”马术公开课正式开始。首先,武汉广播电视台少儿频道的主持人和武汉商学院国际马术学校的讲师向学生们详细介绍了马匹。在随后的提问环节中,学生们毫不掩饰对马的热爱,并举手回答。现场还有很多幸运的学生,他们在舞台上被要求回答问题,并且他们通过向他们喂胡萝卜来接近马匹“零距离”。 ...

Parents who came after hearing the news said that the incident of equestrian entering the campus is almost like a dream. They can't even think about it. Moreover, the children can touch it at such a close distance. The children must be very happy. Wuhan The elementary school students are so blessed.


According to the person in charge of the Sports, Health and Arts Department of the Wuhan Municipal Education Bureau, this activity has been exploded once it spread on the campus. The students wanted to participate and the enthusiasm was high. The teachers also raised their hands in agreement, saying that it would benefit the students Physical and mental health, temper the will to bear hardships and stand hard work. This activity will effectively promote the development of campus sports activities and improve the physical fitness of students. The equestrian public class will be piloted in 26 primary schools in 7 districts including Jiang'an District, Jianghan District, Qiaokou District, Hanyang District, Wuchang District, Dongxihu District, and Zhuankou Development Zone this year.


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